What to choose between Thunderstruck expert or Thunderstruck regular ?

Thunderstuck, a Microgaming slot, respects the principles of all online slot machines. However, as the games developed by the Microgaming giant have nothing to prove in terms of reliability, our role is to guide you through a short review, including the choice of appropriate mode.

First of all: What is the Thunderstruck slot ?

The main roles have been assigned to Comics and Marvel. It’s the son of Odin and Thor, the God of Thunder: it’s a slot machine in the colours of Nordic mythology.

The themes of the icons visually relate to all the environments that depict Thor in his role as master of time and God of Fury. Note the horn, his instrument for drawing sea water and then his famous hammer, where he has a specific name “Mjolnir”. We can also make out the sign of thunder, his fortified castle, a close-up of his head decorated with armour. The slot machine cards are listed there, notably the 9, 10, J, Q, K, A. From the game display, you can read your credit, switching to “expert” or “regular” mode. All payline information, corners, plus (+) and minus (-) betting buttons and winnings are also displayed.

The graphic design, based on the blue of the sea and the divine gold, reminds us of that era when thunder and all divine objects had an important place. Images animated by the sounds of the waves, meteorological powers, without dissociating themselves from the splashes when it comes to bonuses or winnings.

The features of Thunderstruck expert

As its name suggests, this is the version dedicated to the most regular customers. Among other things, from the display, you can scan the 5 rolls. By scrolling, you can have 9 lines of payments. On the betting side, the value of the token starts at 0.01 euros and can go up to 1 euros. Along the game, the maximum bet is 45 euros. The slot machine has dedicated a special “Bet max” button to access this betting limit. So far, it respects the microgaming commitments in its aims not to ruin players.

Symbolic question; Thor is the main icon, so it is understandable that he represents the Wild of the game. He replaces the missing token to form a winning combination. But the bonus option doesn’t stop there, the “gamble” mode is there. This is the version that doubles and quadruples the winnings. Finally, Thunderstruck has this famous “scatter” which allows you to reactivate 15 free spins after obtaining 3 of this symbol. During the rotation of the free spins, the initial bets are multiplied up to 500 times. The simplest winning combination is simply made up of 2 symbols, or 3 images.

Who is Thunderstruck regular ? and what to choose between the two ?

Regular is simply the mastered version of Thunderstruck expert. On the display, an exclusive button, “Autoplay”, is dedicated to activating this game mode. This means that the reels automatically rotate during consecutive games. An effortless way to see your chances. Insert the bet, and Autoplay stops automatically when you win or lose. Everything is configurable, including the amount of the bet, the stop according to the loss or the gain (example: I will stop when I lose the 10 euros!). This is certainly the most secure version for beginners.