Mighty Sphinx from Beat the Beast: how to aim for the best bet

If Egyptian mythology is everywhere, this time it has also conquered the territory of the slot machines. Mighty Sphinx from Beat the Beast, puts forward his enigmas to play to awaken your strong feelings. A real treasure trove of secrets and surprises, this slot machine has been able to stand out from our conventional reels and turn into a chain of bonuses. Without further ado, here’s how to play your bets.

First of all, do you know who Mighty Sphinx from Beat the Beast is ?

Fresh from Thunderkick’s latest innovations, Beat the Beast’s Migthy Sphinx is one of the first slot machine listings to be included in their demos. With a focus on quality and quantity, Thunderkick relies heavily on its strengths in limiting quantity, but height in quality. And while our conventional slot machines assign exclusive roles to their bonuses, Beat the Beast worked differently.

The symbols include the same cards 10, J, Q, K, A and the themes relate to the instruments and figures of the emblematic goddess Sphinx. We can thus distinguish the scarab, the cross of Ankh, the statuette of Sphinx, and the sword of Khopesh. These are all elements reminding you that you are in search of a true treasure strewn with difficulties and strong sensations.

In high resolution, you benefit from a breathtaking display with the morphology of the Egyptian landscapes in golden purple colours in the background. The truly peaceful sounds take us deep into the deserts. The sound animations are all the more serious during bonuses.

At the heart of the subject: What’s the stake to win Mighty Sphinx from Beat the Beast ?

As soon as you are on the welcome interface, you will see the icon “win 4444 x”. So you really wonder what such a tempting proposition is worth. A priori, Thunderkick has an interesting redistribution rate estimated at around 96.14%. This is one of the most important factors to consider when thinking about betting. For real gains, you have to look elsewhere. Make a little calculation as follows: you can win just with a combination of 2 symbols on which you bet. But losses are less frequent, because 3 symbols can make us win.

So bet at least 10 cents. A value of up to 100 euros. As soon as the sphynx appears in your combination; it turns it into one, which is a winner. During the rotations, if you manage to group together 3 golden sphinxes, 10 bonus rounds open up for you. Rounds during which, your chances of having bonus rounds are replenished. Yes, you can still benefit from them and experience 5 more free spins.

How to optimize this Mighty Sphinx from Beat the Beast ?

Just wait! Say, be reassured to play at Thunderkick! So far we’ve only talked about the first bonuses. But if such a chance appears a second time; history is written differently: this is your Wild Upgrade moment. Where the bonus rounds are rich in Wild symbols. Indeed, with every free spin; a symbol turns into a Wild symbol. And to get the real jackpot, wait until you see 5 sphinxes, or the winged sphinx in your reels. But your winnings won’t stop there.

Mighty Sphinx has its “autoplay” version. A game mode during which you bet the amount you have available and estimate your stop and the start of the spin by relating it to your winnings or losses.