Beat the Beast: Kraken’s lair is the key to your wealth

Faced with the hazardous clichés of slot machines, consulting such an article has become essential for new players. It is therefore fair to ask oneself about the reality of online gambling. Faced with the praise of winning up to 4444 times, wondering about the real payouts is completely understandable. What if you are told, that the odds are in all of us? And that the chances of you being an unfortunate loser are the same as the chances of being a real winner? Then you will be told everything today about how Beat the Beast works, especially Kraken’s lair, to make you understand that you can only perceive your winnings by playing.

Kraken’s lair: “A slot machine is still a slot machine even with a monster…”

This is the annoying thing about online game demos. This time, even though Thunderkick’s respects the principles of an online game, the praise for it deserves some checking. Let’s take a closer look.

The volatility rate is high (it can be viewed from the slot machine settings). That is to say, it will only take 3.88% on the 100% of the investments made on your slot machine. In other words, you can be the lucky winner of the remaining 96.12%. When Thunderkick admits to focusing on the quality rushes, he didn’t just talk about the high resolution and fluidity of the machine, which by the way blew our minds, but about the winnings that you can actually see.

Did you know that Kranken’s lair of Beat the Beast is in progressive jackpot mode? Remember, for our slot machine fans, this is our “bet max” tab, which means that you bet the value of the maximum bet to hit the jackpot. There is no limit and every second you can take a breath, as you can be the lucky winner of this large and progressively richer sum. Beat the beast Kraken’s lair can make you win up to 7777 times the bet!

But first of all, put more understanding into the role of Kraken’s lair on this subject. He is the real monster you have to fight.

Make the difference with Beat the Beast’s bonus features

Here you will have the chance to multiply the bet by 500 times! Beat the Beast’s Thunderkick brand invites you to play in a 5 reel, 3 row, 9 payline slot. There are 11 symbols in all! These include poker cards 10, J, Q, K, A, the Treasure Male, a huge octopus, an amulet and a golden Kraken icon. The latter represents the wild or joker symbol of the slot machine. You only need to have it 5 times on a payline to get 500 times your bet.

Again, it is the only one with the expansive symbol! First, let’s go back to its classic features like getting three scatters to get ten free spins. This is common in Beat the Beast, of course, but this session increases the chances of unlocking the expansive symbol that Thunderkick has called Expanding Win. Indeed, if during free spins, or classic spins, a Wild symbol appears, it can triple the symbol at any time. The chances of multiplying winning combinations are not so rare.