Thunderstruck II: The true free spin generator

Since its release in 2010, the praise for the reinvented version of Thunderstruck II has not been long in coming. Microgaming has been able to impose on this slot machine features that remain timeless and has thus conquered all the desires of the mature ages. Its strength lies in the multiplication of bonus roles, which is a real chance of a lifetime. If you were a fan of the traditional version or not at all, you should know that Thunderstruck II has everything you need and stands out for its reality and the real jackpot of its free spins.

Your question about free spins: Is Thunderstruck II reliable?

Of course we don’t want to invite you unless it’s on really good ground. Browse through all the slots news and you will see that Microgaming is a giant. But what about its slot machines? Nothing to hide indeed. It has a payout rate of 96.65%, and certainly a verifiable average volatility. If the old version only allowed you 9 paylines, Thunderstruck II promotes infinity, especially the 243 lines.

What else do you need to know about reliability? Even if free spins (which we will explain below) increase your chances, the payouts are particularly decent. You should therefore be aware that this gambling will not ruin you.

Free spins: multiple divine interventions

Let’s talk a little about the answer to this question: what makes Thunderstruck II different from its original version? First of all “thunderstruck II” represents the wild icon if it was once the role of Thor’s symbol. Although the latter predominates, other gods such as Valkyrie, Loki and Odin have prominent roles in the bonus. Thunderstruck then respects the theme of a game from Nordic mythology.

Now what does this famous free spins consist of? Well, as jokers the iconic Thunderstruck II unlocks the missing tokens for a winning combination. It is able to generate a free spin where you are 5 times more likely to still have the same jokers. With this increased probability, even if the 5 jokers don’t show up, it only takes 4 for you to get the real jackpot. This is called the hall of spins. In fact, the ceiling for winning a room is estimated at 2.4 million. But it doesn’t stop there.

The gods mentioned above have their own specific number of free spins. If the gods that appear at the beginning are only the 4, you should know that there are many more that are hiding. To unlock them, level up by getting 3 Hammer bonus symbols.

We forgot: you still don’t know how to actually play Thunderstruck ?

The limits of Thunderstruck are so much in evidence. Of course you can see the wild, the scatter, the gamble, the free spins, but at the limit there is less appeal. The stakes here are from 0.3 to 15 euros against 0.01 to 1 euro in the past. Thunderstruck II makes it possible, among other things, to multiply the bet up to 30 times per round. The automatic readout is not present to give you an overview of the bet, but a small calculation is required to balance your winnings and losses. That is to say, make sense of the logic on the assumption that the 96% of the money invested in the slot machine can come back to you at any time. Everything can be consulted from its parameter and the icon “? ». But you should try out the demo mode to find out more.